Hilarious Things Cats Do To Brighten Up Your Day


Cats are always in a pawsome mood. We don’t have a clue how they manage to do this. But somehow they achieve this blissful state. Cats are always clear about what they want. They don’t care much for the rest. All they care for is their hooman and their happiness. Nothing is more important than that.

Here are some pawsome cat posts for you that will definitely make you laugh. Have a look to get your dose of happiness for the day!


Cats look even more adorable with little accessories. Just look how sincere they are about it.


A little sunshine is good for you. Go get some sunlight now.


This is how cats communicate with each other. Nobody else will ever get to know what they are talking about.


This cat was bored of black and white, so he tried on some colors.

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“I really like these socks. Look there’s a picture of me on them. Can you get one for me too? I want to show them to all my friends.”

We are truly blessed that these little furry felines are always around to cheer us up. They are like a factory of pawsomeness and never stop working. Cats think all day long and work hard to achieve what they want. But they can’t simply sit back and watch. They are always ready to do anything to make their hoomans happy. Only the luckiest ones get the opportunity to live their lives alongside such pawsome angels.


Look at this little adorable cat. Do you know what those big black eyes are demanding? All they want is some extra food.


This cat needs to get a haircut as soon as possible. Cats hate it when they are out of shape.


“Look hooman, I have pink paws. Do you like them? I know pink is your favorite color.”


Every cat is super talented. You just have to win their trust to let them show you how talented they are.

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