Meet This Week’s Freshly Adopted Faces


Congratulations on zooming through yet another week. We deserve massive amounts of treats, wouldn’t you agree? Well, what’s more splendid than looking at adorable animal faces? Oh, wait, there certainly is! Looking at faces of animals that have JUST been adopted!

#1 “Adopted these two furrballs, name suggestions are welcome”

#2 “Welcome Cole and Cider to the family”

#3 “Meet Elena, my newly adopted pup”

#4 “Korra, my girlfriend’s new bunny”

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#5 “We adopted this kitty and only after slowly integrating and tough first week did my oldest let me hold him”
#6 “We picked up Sam last week, he is our latest addition to the family. This was Sam’s first nap at his new residence.”

#7 “Meet Dutch, the newest member of our family.”

#8 “We brought this little jelly bean home from the local shelter. She was a stray accompanied by two litter mates. So far, she is quite timid and keeps hiding, but eats well and I think she will be an amazing friend once she is settled in.”

#9 “Meet Lizzie, our new kitten!”
#10 “I have never owned a cat. Meet Tiny, my first cat and a stray that I just tamed today.”

#11 “We named him Phen. I adopted him only yesterday and he seems obsessed with me.”

#12 “My girlfriend and I just adopted this adorable 5-week-old kitten. She snapped this picture of me and Astro getting some shut eye.”

#13 “A picture of my girlfriend being overwhelmed by the love for her first kitten.”

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