Pets Who Should Be Awarded for Their Courage and Intelligence


It is often said that furry pets are the only friends that you will ever need and rightly so. Not only do the cats and dogs make us laugh and are huge stress busters, they also know how to save us from dangerous situations.

Here are some pawsome stories that will immediately melt your hearts. These pets certainly deserve an award for their courage and intelligence.


Cats can judge people very quickly. This is why its said that cats choose their hoomans and not the other way round. This cat helped his hooman save many people’s lives. His hooman is definitely proud of the courageous kitty.

Here’s the super cat who save people’s life! You will be really happy to meet him.


If not for the cat, the cat hooman woouldn’t be alive today. Cats love their hoomans the most and can do anything to save their lives.

Meet the adorable kitty here! You have no clue how grateful your hooman is for you, little kitty!

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Cats always take away all their hooman’s pain. They have a solution for everything. No pain can stay for long if you have a cat who cares for you. It will take away all your pain.


Somehow your cat always know what’s wrong in your life. Do you want to know how they do this? They are always watching out for you.


Every dog is born with a special talent to take their hoomans out of the biggest trouble. This is why we all need a pawsome friend in our lives.


This dog did something that even humans are not capable of doing for their friends nowadays. Read the story and you will be completely amazed.


Your furry friend may not stay with you forever, but it will live forever in your heart. This one deserves all the love in the world.


Never say never. After reading this story, you will know why we used this phrase. Go ahead!

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