Polish Academic’s Hilarious Reaction To His Cat Interrupting Him During His Interview Goes Viral


You may do everything in your power to get your cat’s attention, but it will only spend time with you when it wants to. The cat hoomans crave for the moments that their cats spend with them. However, cats may not always choose the right time to spend with their hoomans. Felines don’t care whether it’s the right time or not, they just do what they feel like doing.

A Polish academic was busy with his interview when his cat decided to intervene. Dr. Jerzy Targalski  was speaking on NTR to Dutch current affairs show about the Supreme Court crisis in Poland. People are protesting against the reduction in retirement age from 70 to 65 years. Around forty percent of the judges are being booted out due to this.

While Targalski was busy with this serious thing, his cat Lisio was in a mood to play with his hooman. His cat was sitting next to him on the table and chilling. But suddenly something crossed the cat’s mind and it started jumping. It jumped onto Targalski while the interview was going on.

But instead of getting angry, Targalski simply swiped his cat’s tail from in front of his eyes and continued with his interview. Even though this moment was deleted from the final cut, the interview Rudy Bouma shared it on Twitter.

The video went viral instantly and has received reaction from a lot of people. Here’s what people are commenting on Twitter!

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Targalski really loves his cat. He didn’t even care to tell the kitty to sit quietly for a moment and not disturb him. It seems like he totally cherishes the moments with his cat and nothing is more important for him.

Watch the video here!

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What are your views about Targalski’s reaction to his cat interrupting him between the interview? Share with us in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to share this hilarious story with your friends and family!

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