This Twitter Account Collects Photos Of Cats In Small Shops Looking Like They Own The Place (10 New Pics)


Cats can own anything and everything that they want. If they want to, they can even own an entire store. These cats started living in small shops and now it seems like they own the place. For cats, convincing anyone is super easy. They can do so with a click of their paws.

Here are some pictures of cats in small shops looking like they own the place. Have a look at these pictures and you will also think the same!


When you don’t give the cat the space that it deserves, it makes some for himself. “Way to go, hooman. There is a lot of catching to do.”


This place in the store is called the cat’s special corner. Look how the cat owns the place just like a boss!


This cat keeps on checking if everyone is doing their duty correctly or not.


A cat likes to sleep where the food is constantly available. This also helps to keep the thieves away.

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A cat always keep the customers happy and also in control.

With that look on his face, this cat can make anyone do what he wants. What do you think? Will you agree with this cat or choose otherwise?


This cat lives in the store and likes surprise the customers every now and then. The cat also makes sure that no one acts mischievously.


The cat can sleep wherever it likes, even if it means sleeping in the center. It doesn’t matter if anyone trips over the cat. If this happens, then the cat will only bite and say nothing else.


When it comes to following rules that save your life, cats will always follow the rules.


When there is a cat in store, there needs to be a special place for the cat.


Keep a cat in your store and it will make sure that all the customers keep coming back again and again.

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