Twitter Account Features Cats In Places They Shouldn’t Be & It’s Hilarious


Cats like to get anywhere where they are not supposed to be. They don’t think about it much and just do what they feel like. You just can’t stop them from doing what they want. Cats can do anything for fun and attention. They have started doing some things that you can’t even imagine doing. But we are here to give you all the updates.

Here are some pawsome cats hanging out in places where they shouldn’t be. The last one is totally unbelievable, but it’s real. Read till the very end!


“I have decided to settle in here. This feels warm and cosy.”


“My cat sits on the fan and keeps a watch at night. I woke up in the middle of the night and found him like this.”


How did you get in there, little kitty? Are you regretting your decision already? Should we help you get out of there?


When you are tired of the lockdown and decide to build a nest to get a better view.

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“So you think you can stop me by putting up this poster? You humor me, silly hooman!”

Cats will definitely do what you will tell them not to. They have to show you that they are capable of everything. Also, they are the supreme, so you don’t have the power to stop them. can you believe these cats? How do they even come up with such pawsome ideas? It will only get more interesting ahead. Continue scrolling and you will get the surprise of your life.


“I think somebody killed a bird over there. It needs our help. Follow me!”


This cat is having some fun up there. “Don’t interrupt me hooman! I know what I am doing.”


You can’t pass through without saying hello to this kitty.


Guess who has started walking the ramp nowadays? None other than our very majestic cats!


Cats know how to get anywhere where they can get everyone’s attention.

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