Twitter Users Share Hilarious Stories About Their “Mean Cats”


Cats are furry and adorable, but they usually come across as mean to people who don’t know them. All felines ever want is see their hoomans smile. They only have pure intentions for their hoomans. But this doesn’t mean that they will shower their hoomans with all their affection. Cats know that too much pampering will spoil their hoomans and they don’ want that. They know how to keep their hoomans in control all the time. This is why cats do things that appear to be mean at times. Also, if you think that you have adopted your cat, then you are completely wrong. They are the ones who have adopted you!

Here are some twitter users who have shared their hilarious stories of mean cats and they are super hilarious. Have a look!


This is the only treatment that cats accept. They can’t do with anything less than this.


You have to try better than this. Cats observe everything that you do and how you do it.


It’s impossible to make a cat do something that it doesn’t want to. So stop wasting your time and focus on better things instead. Start with leaving the cat alone.


Cats know how to scare their hooman’s boyfriend/girlfriend. There is no way that you can compete with them and win. Cats always rule. This is how it is supposed to be.

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If a cat wants ice-cream, give him ice-cream. Why do you have to make him beg for it?


A creative problem needs a creative solution. There is no other way to deal with it.


Cats show you some affection when it’s your special day. That’s the least you can expect from them.


When all a cat knows is to bite, it will bite.


Taking a cat to the vet is not easy, but that is only the first step. What comes after that is even more difficult!


Cats live forever in their hooman’s heart. They are the true kings.

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